…going to a party, sitting at the keyboard, and delighting everyone.

…playing in the band at your church.

…being able to hear music in a whole new way.

…learning skills which improve your discipline, concentration, and relaxation.

…giving these gifts to your children.


All this—and more—occurs through music study!

Being a musician is not some mysterious magic.  Sure, talent helps.  But musical skills are learnable skills—and I can help you.  It's not easy.  It takes regular, consistant work.  It involves an investment of time and money.  But the rewards are amazing—and you can achieve them!


About Me

My name is Brian Warring and I'm so glad you've stopped by to investigate taking lessons. I have a piano degree from the Manhattan School of Music and have been teaching piano for over 20 years. I am a member of the the National Guild of Piano Teachers and have served many times as one of their adjudicators. I have experience in classical, jazz, and pop music—with a distinct interest in helping musicians in the church.

If you want to get right to the specific information about costs, please see the Policies.

Otherwise, please look through all the links here and let me know how I can help you! You can reach me through the contact page or simply write me at contact@bwbmusic.com.