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Sometimes, every musician needs a little help.

There are times when every singer or instrumentalist needs an accompanist. Whether the occassion is a recital, an audition, a worship service, or a contest, musicians have to find an accompanist. Notice I said 'accompanist' and not 'pianist.' Every pianist is not an accompanist!

My goal is to make you look good.

As an accompanist, my goal is to make you shine. I'll lead you through your tougher spots, follow in the places where you excel, and all the while keep the flow and the 'big picture' of the piece in mind.

I have lots of experience with many different kinds of music played in many different circumstances. I will bring all that experience to bear to make you look your best!



Basic accompanying is $100. This includes learning your piece, having one rehearsal with you, and my travel.

This fee is negotiable: if I'm playing for several people in the same location, fees can be reduced. However, if there is extensive travel or extra rehearsal, fees will be increased accordingly.

If you want to review pricing information on all our services, please see the List of Services.


About Me

My name is Brian Warring and I'd be thrilled to help you with your accompaniment needs. I hold a piano degree from the Manhattan School of Music and I have lots of accompanying experience. I have played in many chamber groups, accompanied singers and a variety of instruments in classical settings as well as pop, jazz, and church.

I hope I can help you! You can reach me through the contact page or simply write me at