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BWB Music can make your next event special.

I've seen it many times. People enter a room for a dinner, party, or reception—and as soon as they hear it, their faces break into a smile. What is it? The sound of a live piano!

There is nothing more elegant and delightful than eating or socializing with the sound of a piano in the background. From Casablanca to Charlie Brown's friend Schroeder, it's easy to see that the piano effects people in remarkable ways. And it is so easy to have it at your next event!

Some ideas...

Wedding receptions—I fully realize that a piano will have a hard time giving your guests the same dancing opportunities you can have from a full band or a DJ. But while people are arriving and eating, the piano is perfect! Consider adding an hour of piano music before your DJ cranks it up.

Office parties—can be made special with a live pianist in the background. And this same party—with a little pre-planning—can be made unforgettable if we can get a sing-a-long started...and convince your boss to do a solo!

Open House or Product Launch Party—this is a perfect time to add that "special touch" that only a piano can give.


How we can do it.

In my playing, I tend toward songs from "The American Songbook"—standard songs of composers from Cole Porter to Burt Bacharach. And I'll have a bit of Billy Joel, the Beatles, and Elton John thrown in as well. But if you have interests in other areas, please let me know—I can accomodate your preferred style! Here are some samples of my playing:


Here, "Misty" is played as a slow ballad—a classic 'cocktail piano' setting...
"Just the Way You Are"
This is a slow Billy Joel tune that works well for background piano...
"I Could Write a Book"  
This standard can be played in a variety of ways. Here, a moderately up-tempo swing...


Some have asked if they need a piano...well, a piano in good condition will make your event better! But if no piano is available, we can arrange for setting up a keyboard and sound system.

Pricing is $100.00 per hour. If you want to see the pricing on all of our musical services, please see our List of Services.


About Me

My name is Brian Warring and I'm so glad you've stopped by to see how I might help you with your musical needs. I hold a piano degree from the Manhattan School of Music. I've played in all kinds of hotels, restaurants, ballrooms, lobbies, halls, and stages. I have experience in lots of different kinds of music—classical, jazz, or pop—I can help you set just the right mood for your next event.

If you're ready to find out how easy it is to make your event even more special, please let me know how I can help you! You can reach me through the contact page or simply write me at